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Our goal is to help you solve your business challenges while providing you the full value for your investment. We’ll never stop learning about the latest innovations and trends that are happening in sports, marketing and investments. We translate those insights into concrete strategies and practical ideas that work for your brand.

We help business owners

Build Brand and Marketing Strategies for High ROI

The right marketing can make the difference between your business succeeding or failing.  We’re here to help you understand your brand, your audience and how they relate – we’ll evaluate the current brand position and reach, consult on brand strategy and assist with ongoing marketing assets.

We help brands and players

Build Sports Partnerships & Sponsorships

As a buyer of sponsorship, do you find yourself asking…Am I paying too much? How am I benefitting from the deal? Are we aligning ourselves with the right organizations? What are the best ways to leverage this sponsorship?

We believe in taking a design-thinking approach to identifying the right property and constructing the right deal for your company. Too often, brands look to the team/property to design their partnership and create a strategy. Brands fare much better when they come to a property with a clear plan and ask for specific assets they need to achieve their goals. If executed properly, brands can leverage their team/property investment year-round. All it takes is planning and creativity.

That’s where we can help.

Fundraising and Building Relationships

Investor Relations

Our job is to keep the existing investors, such as pension funds, endowments, and funds of funds, happy and get them interested in contributing more capital to future funds.

Through hundreds of transactions, we’ve developed a strategic process that’s highly effective in closing deals.

Unlike other companies that hand you off to various specialists throughout the stages of a sale, you’ll work with one team at Amplio Global. They’ll be with you start to finish, working toward your goals and looking out for your best interest.

We Help Buyers

Accelerate your growth by buying an existing business

If you own a company and want to quickly add capacity, expand into new markets and grow your customer base, buying an existing business can be an effective strategy.

But it’s hard to know where to begin. How do you find businesses that fit your criteria? What is a business’s true value? How do you structure a deal that makes sense for you and the seller?

When we close deals our clients get the best price and terms. Let us use our knowledge of market dynamics, competitive positioning and acquisition strategies to help you accelerate your growth today.

About our Services

Strategic Partnership Consulting

Develop a corporate partnership strategy that will make your brand shine. We'll help you evaluate your asset inventory, provide you with qualified sponsors and develop market research analysis to accurately evaluate potential partnership earnings. We'll identify endemic categories with sponsorship budgets, outreach to qualified prospect list, and leverage AG’s existing c-suite relationships.

Brand Marketing & Management

 If you're looking for advice on how to improve your brand, we're here to help. We'll give you the tools you need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Evaluations & Negotiations

We'll review and evaluate your current potential prospects, compare them to peer groups in the marketplace, and negotiate on your behalf. We'll handle all the heavy lifting involved with closing deals so that you can get back to running the business you love.

Planning & Program Development

We're here to help you determine the best strategic plan for your organization. We'll evaluate your current plan, goals, and objectives, as well as identify any gaps in your strategy that may be causing pain points in your business. We'll then work with you to ideate new programming that will help you achieve those goals, and develop a strategic plan that is cohesive, effective, and aligned with your mission.

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Sponsorship Consulting

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"Ed and Roger are a breath of fresh air and have been invaluable to our organization. I am impressed with the effectiveness with which they work and their relentless pursuit of possibilities! Without a doubt, the most important characteristic that they possess is the familial approach they bring to their business. They have treated us as a member of their family since day one.”"

Kim Coley

Co-founder of ePaymints

"We’ve worked with Amplio Global for over a year now to help shape and structure our partnerships, professional sports, collegiate sports alignment, and business development to help us create an offering that will scale in the fastest growing industry; Esports & gaming. They created an environment to be introduced to strategic partners where fan engagement and sponsorship activities combine for accelerated business growth. A combination of team selling, partnership negotiations and sales activities with Ed and Roger have already paid off. Highly recommended!"

Jason Atwood

CEO of Drop In Gaming

"Ed and Roger at Amplio Global have elevated my business to a new level. Their contacts are the right level to drive results and can get you to the table with the right stakeholders and decision makers. The network they have is invaluable but most importantly their character, reputation and resourcefulness separates them from your normal consulting firm. If you want to take your business to the next level go with Amplio Global. You won’t be disappointed!"

Dr. John Hale

CEO of CoinEver

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